Central Library of B.P.R College of Engineering started in 2004 and occupies 1000 sq.meteres covered area. The library has a rich collection of more than 15000 books on science and technology including Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computers Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Besides good library also has a good collection in the areas of humanities and social sciences. There is a collection of general books in the reference section. They comprise of books on personality development, literature and communication skills development etc.There is facility of book bank for deserving students also. The library has subscribed to various current journals including online journals on various subjects of technology and management.

Library Books Description

Total Books 16, 376
Titles 2075
Journals 42 (N-17, I-25)
Magazines 31
News Papers 10

Discipline Wise Distribution

Discipline Books Titles
Computer Science & Engineering 3776 497
Electronics & Communication Engineering 3087 350
Mechanical Engineering 3514 411
Electrical Engineering 1797 330
Physics 985 64
Chemistry 590 70
Mathematics 1170 117
Environment 205 13
Biotechnology 01 01
Economics 275 22
Management 125 11
English 638 36
Encyclopedias 03 01
Dictionaries 12 04
General Reading 198 148
Total Books 16, 376 2075

Journals List

Sr. No. Journal Title Periodicity
1 Journal of Indian Science Abstracts FortNightly
2 Journal of Chemical Science Bi-Monthly
3 Electronics Information and Planning Monthly
4 Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science Bi-Monthly
5 Journal of Institution of Engineers Monthly
6 I E T E Journal of Research Monthly
7 I E T E Technical Review Monthly
8 Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research Monthly
9 Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Quarterly
10 Employment News Weekly
11 Resonance Monthly
12 Sadhana Bi-Monthly
13 International Journal of Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering Bi-Annually
14 International Journal of Computer Science and Software Technology Bi-Annually
15 International Journal of Computer Science and System Engineering Bi-Annually
16 International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Bi-Annually
17 International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Bi-Annually
18 International Journal on Neural Networks and Applications Bi-Annually
19 International Journal of Computers, Information Technology and Engg. Bi-Annually
20 International Journal of Nano Systems and Technology Bi-Annually
21 International Journal of Nanosystems Bi-Annually
22 International Journal of Systems Simulation Bi-Annually
23 Journal of Neural Computing Systems Bi-Annually
24 Indian Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research Bi-Annually
25 Indian Journal of Economic and Business Bi-Annually
26 The International Economics and Finance Journal (IEFJ) Bi-Annually
27 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Engineering Science Bi-Annually
28 International Journal of Mathematical Sciences Bi-Annually
29 International Review of Pure and Applied Mathematics Bi-Annually
30 The Journal of Environmental Science Research International Bi-Annually
31 International Journal of Synthesis and Characterization Bi-Annually
32 Annals of Mathematical Physics Bi-Annually
33 International Journal ‘ Unconventional Electromagnetic and Plasmas’ Bi-Annually
34 International Journal of Physics Bi-Annually
35 The Oriental Journal of Physics Bi-Annually
36 International Journal of Highly Reliable Electronic System Design Bi-Annually
37 International Journal on Information and Communication Technologies Bi-Annually
38 International Journal of Control Theory and Applications Bi-Annually
39 International Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology Bi-Annually
40 International Journal of Materials Research Bi-Annually
41 International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Bi-Annually
42 Mathematical Methods, Models and Simulation in Science & Tech. An International Journal Bi-Annually

Magazines List

Sr. No. Magazine Title Periodicity
1 Chronicle Monthly
2 Competition Success Review Monthly
3 Facts for you Monthly
4 Electronics for you Monthly
5 Electronics Today Monthly
6 Benefit I.T. Monthly
7 Digit Monthly
8 Data Quest Monthly
9 India Today Weekly
10 Out Look Weekly
11 The week Weekly
12 Sports Star Weekly
13 Start Winning Today Monthly
14 Auto India Monthly
15 Business Today Monthly
16 Chip Monthly
17 Living Digital Monthly
18 Front Line Monthly
19 India Today (Hindi) Weekly
20 Linux for you Monthly
21 Over Drive Monthly
22 Partiyogita Derpan Monthly
23 Pratiyogita Kiran (English) Monthly
24 The Competition Master Monthly
25 Yojana Monthly
26 Chemistry Today Monthly
27 Physics Today Monthly
28 Biology Today Monthly
29 Mathematics Today Monthly
30 Physics for You Monthly
31 Readers Digest Monthly

List of Newspapers

Sr. No. News Papers
1 Times of India
2 Hindustan Times
3 The Hindu
4 The Tribune
5 The Economics Times
6 Punjab Keshari
7 Danik Bhasker
8 Danik Jagran
9 Danik Tribune
10 Hari Bhumi

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